2017 Exhibits

Living Rooms: Amanda McCavour & Aidan Urquhart

January 14 – March 12, 2017
Opening Reception: January 19, 7pm

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Coolie Coolie Viens

March 25 – May 21, 2017
Opening Reception: March 29, 7pm


























Selections from Glenhyrst’s Permanent Collection

May 27th to July 23, 2017
Gala Opening June 1 at 7pm













The Glenhyrst’s permanent collection exhibition highlights the special contributions made by local, regional, national, and indigenous artists from Canada. With the formation of the gallery in 1956, a strong collection of historical, modern, and contemporary artworks were brought together and continue to grow.
Today, Glenhyrst’s impressive permanent collection includes over 600 artworks from Canadian, indigenous, and international artists. This exhibition provides an opportunity to showcase some of the collection’s most exceptional works. From the historical landscapes and portraits of Robert Reginald Whale, the bold abstracts of Hortense Gordon, and the dynamic Woodland paintings of Blake Debassige, these artworks come to locate and define our identities, histories, and communities.

Say ‘Hi” to the Sun

July 27 – September 24, 17
Opening Reception: July 27, 7pm






























The drawings of Jason McLean and Fiona Smyth are among the most influential in Canada. The exhibition “Say ‘ Hi’ to the Sun” brings together their work for the first time, and seeks to examine the differences and similarities in their practice. They are known for translating lived experience into the stuff of colour, line, and form as a means of catharsis, social resistance, and self-critique. Their worlds are written and recorded in ink, yet they are also visibly entrenched in the rich tradition of cartoon illustration, zines, and graphic art. On the one hand, McLean’s intricate drawings function as autobiographical mind-maps that chart and investigate everyday realities ranging from dinner plans and celebrity encounters to mental illness and economic hardship; on the other hand, Smyth’s matchless approach utilizes figurative elements and linear narrative to tell stories from her life and the social order, particularly those involving dystopic or apocalyptic scenarios.

The artwork of Jason McLean and Fiona Smyth articulate a liminal state somewhere between good and evil, negative and positive, life and death. “Say ‘Hi’ to the Sun” is a deliberately whimsical title that speaks to the distinct character of their body of work — the sun is a symbol of energy and, paradoxically, a dangerous entity hanging in the sky. It references a fantastical conversation with worlds existing beyond our own, imaginary dreamscapes steeped in reality but are executed with imagination. What we find are records of experience and possible futures, little histories of the world in which we share.

The Look of Things

September 30 – November 26, 2017
Opening Reception: October 5, 7pm
























School Art Exhibition

December 1 – 30, 2017
Opening Reception: December 1, 7pm

The Vibrant Palette Art Exhibit is our opportunity to support schools, parents and children in their pursuit of the arts. We hope that this exhibit provides a way to inspire and mentor children to continue to improve their skills and share their love of art.
It is our long-term hope that we provide a place for them to feel welcome and encouraged along their path.