2018 March Break Camp Fees & Description



2017 CAMP FEES Non-Members  Members
1 Day  $50  $40
2 Days  $100  $90
3 Days  $150  $135
4 Days  $200  $180
5 Days  $195  $175
Before & After Care

8:00 – 9:00am & 4:00 – 5:00pm



A typical camp day at Glenhyrst includes:

* The completion of three art projects per day, all related to the weekly theme.

*A balanced day format for meals and snacks.

* Two recreational periods, for campers to enjoy the great outdoors surrounding Glenhyrst, with organized play and games (weather permitting).

Join Us for March Art Lab Madness

Travel with us as we jump daily from art studio to art studio on amazing experimental adventures. Each day will dive into three different art projects inspired by the different artists who would create in each of our studio themes.


Monday: The Art Lab

Monday is a mash up of art, science and experimental fun. The Art Lab takes us into a science lab where we will mix, measure and create. Artists will learn to create their own Playdoh, they will mix paints and other liquids, and create their own slime. Out of the box thinking, mess making and magnificent experiments are all to be expected.

Look Forward To Creating: DIY Playdoh, Chalkboard Slime, and Paint Play and Mixing.




Tuesday: The Painter’s Studio

Beautiful and colourful fun is headed our way on Tuesday as we explore The Painter’s Studio. Artists will dive into the exciting world of painting, learn about colour mixing, tint creation and colour scheme. We will look at acrylic paint and watercolour painting techniques as we explore rainbows, light and the way paint flows.

Look Forward to Creating: An Acrylic Masterpiece, Abstract Watercolour, and a one of a kind Paint Pour Piece.



Wednesday: The Treasure Chest

Pirates, gem collectors, and lovers of sparkly treats are all welcome to explore our Treasure Chest. Wednesday’s art adventures will allow us to explore a variety of mixed media materials, as we learn to create from new and magical objects. Artists will work with clay, found objects, and anything that sparks their creative interest. Wednesday is wonderful for artists who see the treasure, gold and value in everything.

Look Forward to Creating: Experimental Mixed Media Creations, Clay Hiding Boxes, and Jewelry Creation.



Thursday: The Cut & Paste Station

Scissors, glue, paper, glitter, photographs, words, ribbon, and all that jazz. Thursday is about creating something new out of things that already exist. How can we use scissors and glue to cut, paste and bring new things to life? Join us to explore the wonderful world of collage and sculpture and to find out.

Look Forward to Creating: Artist Inspired Collages, Fabric Banners, and Creative Self-portraits.



Friday: The Clay Cave

Friday fun day!   We really like to save the best for last, and we did so with a jam-packed day full of clay. Artists will learn a variety of fundamental clay techniques that will allow them to create pinch pots, coil pots and a assortment of clay sculptures. Artists will play with clay, and work a variety of other materials to create some truly unique masterpieces. Please note the natural clay is left to air dry and will be taken home the same day.

Look Forward to Creating: Coil Pot Inspired Birds Nest, Painted Clay Sculptures and Free Choice Creation.