2018 Camp Safety & Cancellation Policy



Camp Safety Policy

Glenhyrst Camp is a time for great memories, new friends and FUN! To help ensure a positive camp experience for everyone, we would appreciate it if you would read over the following Code of Conduct with your child(ren), prior to camp.


– Rude, talking back– Not following the rules of the game
– Disobeying
– Not listening to Leader’s instructions
– Name calling

Action: Will receive 1-2 warnings, depending upon the severity of their actions and will have a letter sent home if the behavior interferes with the safety or enjoyment of other campers.

– Bullying– Any violent act which harms another camper or staff
– Inappropriate slurs or racial remarks
– Degrading or non-welcoming behavior
– Harassing others
– Any mild-moderate recurring events
– Stealing, kicking, biting, punching or swearing
– Vandalism of equipment inside or outside the buildings

Action: Parents will be called immediately and child will be sent home and not return to the program until further notice.