2019 Exhibits

Exhibit #1 – January 12 to March 10, 2019
Jeff Bierk: CURTAIN

The exhibition “CURTAIN” features works by Toronto-based artist and photographer Jeff Bierk. Well-known for turning his camera towards his friends and others, Bierk has chosen to reverse his gaze and reflect upon his life, questioning the poetics of memory and how it can generate meaning from past events and experiences. In this exhibition, he pairs a hitherto unseen series of photographs taken in hospitals between 2009 and 2010 with current photo-based portraiture, posing a layering of memory that is at once beautiful and distorted. This exhibition is circulated by Grimsby Public Art Gallery and curated by Matthew Ryan Smith.

Exhibit #2 – March 23 to May 19, 2019
Permanent Collection Exhibition

  • The Glenhyrst’s permanent collection exhibition showcasing some of its great works.

Exhibit #3 – May 25 to July 14, 2019
Tracey-Mae Chambers

Tracey-Mae Chambers is a Métis sculptor from Simcoe, Ontario working in encaustics, an ancient form of art that uses melted beeswax mixed with Damar resin (tree sap). Her work has been widely exhibited and collected in Canada, the United States, South America, and Australia. This exhibition incorporates Chambers’ well-known explorations of vessel-like forms, which were recently commissioned for the United Nations, along with a new, large-scale series that examines human interactions with the natural world; in particular, these works explore the anthropocene, a geologic period when human beings have greatly impacted the climate and the environment leading to profound transformation of the Earth.


Exhibit #4 – July 20 to September 25, 2019
Scott Waters and Derek Boswell

This exhibition investigates the ways that artists engage with nocturnal landscapes. Waters’ recent body of work is based on found images the artist culls from social media networks such as Tumblr. While they may be captured by other people, Waters appropriates these images through a masterful realism using materials such as pen, ink, and watercolour. In Boswell’s work, photography is used as an instrument to make often overlooked scenes of life appear monumental; his pictures document places taken for granted, mostly suburban neighbourhoods that are at once familiar but could be anywhere. Haunting, and almost ghostly, these nocturnal visions illustrate otherworldly landscapes of spaces and places hiding in the dark.

Exhibit #5 – September 21 to November 17, 2019
Angie Quick and Heather Verplanke

The paintings of Angie Quick and Heather Verplanke investigate how the physical body is studied in contemporary painting; more specifically, how bodies are rendered and understood in terms of portraiture, symbolism, and digital imagery. On the one hand, Quick’s large-scale oil works represent mounds of abstracted flesh that reconsiders the traditional nude body in recent painting; on the other hand, Verplanke’s recent portraiture employs symbolic devices to animate her sitters while imparting layers of meaning to their lived history. Here is the body seen in other ways through other worlds, turned inside out, then put back together again.

Exhibit #6 – November 29, 2019 to January 1, 2020

Vibrant Palette Student Art Exhibit

The Vibrant Palette Exhibition features artwork from local elementary and high school students. The exhibition corresponds to the opening of the Brantford Lights festival.