2019 March Break Camp Fees & Description



2019 CAMP FEES Non-Members  Members
1 Day  $50  $45
2 Days  $100  $90
3 Days  $150  $135
4 Days  $200  $180
5 Days  $195  $175
Before & After Care

8:00 – 9:00am & 4:00 – 5:00pm



A typical camp day at Glenhyrst includes:

* The completion of three art projects per day, all related to the weekly theme.

*A balanced day format for meals and snacks.

* Two recreational periods, for campers to enjoy the great outdoors surrounding Glenhyrst, with organized play and games (weather permitting).

“I can do that!” is the theme for this March Break Camp. From drawing and building to making your own art supplies. This week will be full of exploring new and creative solutions to everyday Life and Art dilemmas.



Monday: Building and Design

Explore the world of art and architecture! Monday we will design our own buildings and experiment with materials to construct and decorate colourful and imaginative structures.

Look Forward To Creating: Bird houses, plant holders, dioramas.




Tuesday: Food Fight

Who doesn’t love the kitchen? Tuesday we will make our art with food-art hacks. Together we will discover some new skills and explore old world hacks that we can use to produce some beautiful art that’s fun to play with but not to eat.

Look Forward to Creating: Flour sculptures, macaroni jelly fish, mandala plates.



Wednesday: Clean-up Crew

Let’s have some good clean fun! Soap, shaving cream and shampoo will be the bases for our colourful creations. Have fun dying your own paper, sculpting and carving your artwork.

Look Forward to Creating: Soap carving, Shaving cream dyed paper, shampoo play dough.



Thursday: Handmade Homies

Cut, sew and create. We are learning something new today!  How proud will you be when you tell people “I made it myself!” Learn to sew, follow a patter and knit – skills that you can use in everyday life – and just for fun.

Look Forward to Creating: Cotton hand warmers, finger knitted flowers and creatures, felt wall art.






Friday: Trash Hackers

It’s like STEM with a little ART added! Campers will find new and creative ways to up-cycle their recycling to make functional art. We will plan, design and execute projects using everyday recycled materials. Once it is built, we will unleash our creative skills to paint and decorate our masterpieces.

Look Forward to Creating: Milk carton bird house, treasure chests, up cycled keepsake locker.