2020 March Break Camp Fees & Description



2020 CAMP FEES Non-Members  Members
1 Day  $50  $45
2 Days  $100  $90
3 Days  $150  $135
4 Days  $200  $180
5 Days  $200  $180
Before & After Care

8:00 – 9:00am & 4:00 – 5:00pm



What does at day at Glenhyrst Art Camp Look like?

A typical camp day at Glenhyrst includes:

* The completion of three art projects per day, all related to the weekly theme.

*A balanced day format for meals and snacks.

* Two recreational periods, for campers to enjoy the great outdoors surrounding Glenhyrst, with organized play and games (weather permitting).

Age Categories

Junior: 4 – 6

Intermediate: 7 – 9

Senior: 10 – 12

Let your imagination run wild at Glenhyrst March Break Camp.  From knights and fairies to the metamorphosis found in so many children’s tales.  We spend the week telling stories, learning about art forms and creating new characters. This week will be full of exploring, imagining and dreaming and a whole lot of art too.

Monday March 16, 2020 –  Metamorphosis

Monday we will transform and alter fan cards, change unlikely materials into art, create marble paper and use found materials to decorate colourful and imaginative structures all while using your imagination!

Look Forward To Creating: Fan Card Alters, Found Object Collage, Shaving Cream Marble Paper.


Tuesday March 17, 2020 –  CLAY Day

Who doesn’t like to feel the squishy, cool and slimy feeling of clay between their fingers?  Well on Thursday we do just that all day long!

Look Forward to Creating: Clay cactus pots and Secret Flowers





Wednesday March 18, 2020 –  It’s a Knight’s Life

Everyone can relate to stories of knights and princesses, right?  Well this week we dive into all things medieval and create epic items that every kingdom needs.

Look Forward to Creating: Coat of Arms prints, Knight’s Shields, Magic Wands and Crowns.


Thursday March 19, 2020 –  Disney Studio

Disney brings us beloved memories of the characters, the stories and the adventure.  Create elements from classic stories, on this day of all things Disney!

Look Forward to Creating: Character keychains, adventure binoculars, and Watercolour and pastel character portraits. 


Friday March 20, 2020 –  Fantasy Friday

Fairies, Gnomes, and creatures only our imagination can create!  Make them colourful abodes and gardens for all the characters you can dream up!

Look Forward to Creating: Building Fairy and Gnone homes and gardens, making Gnome and Fairy Puppets