The Grand Exhibit

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Brantford, ON – The City of Brantford, in partnership with Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant, invite the public to participate in the selection of public art for “The Grand Exhibit,” which will display reproductions of 12 pieces from the Gallery’s permanent collection throughout the City. The pieces will be reproduced on UV coated, graffiti-resistant aluminum, framed in faux-guilded outdoor/resin frames, and either mounted on walls or on posts on City of Brantford property. The majority of the pieces will be installed in the downtown core.

Each piece will be reproduced to scale, and will include an interpretive Plexiglas panel to describe the work, as well as point visitors to other works in the series throughout the City. The project will be installed in time for the Ontario Museums Association (OMA) Conference, which will be hosted in Brantford on October 23-25, 2019 and Lawren Harris Day (October 23). The Grand Exhibit will be launched with an invite, and will include a printed brochure and map identifying the location of all of the pieces.

Matthew Ryan Smith, Curator, and Ana Olson, Executive Director of Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant, have worked with City of Brantford staff to carefully identify 20 pieces of art for consideration. The community now has the opportunity to vote for up to 10 pieces of artwork through an online, public voting system. Twelve pieces will be selected and reproduced for the project and installed throughout the City at locations to be determined. “Public art tells us so much about what is important to our community. For the first time, the City is putting the choice of exactly which pieces to select in the hands of Brantfordians, and we hope that you enjoy encountering fine art in unexpected places starting this fall,” said Sara Munroe, Arts & Culture Development Officer for the City of Brantford.

Selections of art include work by: Robert Reginald Whale, John Hicks Whale, Jean Claude Whale, Joyce Wieland, Michael James Alec Snow, Doris Titus, Hortense Gordon, John Sloan Gordon, Kim Ondaatje, Homer Watson, Lemione Lionel Fitzgerald, David Milne, Jason McLean, George Thomson, William Henry Clapp, Aidan Urquhart, and an Andy Warhol serigraph of Brantford-born hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

The Grand Exhibit is an opportunity to introduce the public to the exceptional artworks housed in Glenhyrst’s permanent collection, which includes more than 600 original artworks ranging from sculpture and illustration to painting and textiles. “Glenhyrst is very excited about this project. We are looking forward to seeing a small portion of our permanent collection outside for the public to enjoy,” said Olson.

The Grand Exhibit was inspired by the Detroit Institute of the Arts’ (DIA)
Inside|Out program, which brings high-quality reproductions from the DIA’s collection to outdoor venues throughout metro Detroit.

City of Brantford Council approved this project at the June 4, 2019 Committee of the Whole Meeting and is funding 50% of the project, while the other 50% is funded by the Downtown Brantford BIA. Glenhyrst staff also approached Brooks Signs to donate the Plexiglas signs to accompany the pieces, which has been approved as an in-kind donation.