At Home Inspiration

How are you staying creative during this time of pause?

Need some inspiration to get creating? We are delving into our gallery, permanent collection, and beautiful surroundings to find you some jumping off points. Whatever your age or experience feel free to run with our suggested activities or create your own! And watch this space and our social media for more inspiration to come!

We would love to see your creative projects, including a picture of the process, artist (of any age) at work or the finished piece. Email a photo of your art and a short description to, to be shared with our Glenhyrst community!

Inspiring Sounds

Often when we are looking for inspiration we focus on what we can see, but what about what we can hear? This piece in our sculpture garden by Marianne Reim highlights the incredible gap between what is written on sheet music and the song that we hear in the air.

Marianne Reim, Hearing the Song, 2002, Steel and Stone, Glenhyrst Permanent Collection

How can sounds inspire your art? Here are just a few ideas to get you creating:
Go abstract and let your brush dance around the canvas while you listen to your favourite song (for an extra twist try it with your eyes closed).
Build a windchime with found objects.
Make a collage of all the sounds that remind you of a favourite place.
Write your own song or get dancing!

Little Owls 

This oil painting of an owl by Robert Reginald Whale is one of the older pieces in our collection. Look how soft the feathers on its chest look. What materials could you use to make an owl? Consider the soft texture of owl feathers, their sharp beaks, the quiet way they fly…

Robert Reginald Whale, Untitled – Owl, oil, n.d., Glenhyrst Permanent Collection



These little snowy owls were made with cotton balls and cardboard.




Nesting Hawks

Did you know Glenhyrst is home to a pair of hawks? Every year they build their nest high in a tree overlooking the river. Hawks use sticks, twigs, bark, and leaves to make their nests. Some birds use moss, mud, and even cobwebs. What can you find around your home to make a nest? Sticks? Grass? Paper? Ribbons? Blankets? It can be small enough for a tiny hummingbird or big enough for an eagle – or for you!

This nest was made by coiling a flat cloth ribbon and pinned with a paperclip.

Permanent Collection Connection:

Painted in the Woodland style, The Story of the Six Little Hawks is a series of paintings by artist, Blake Debassige, telling the tale of six hawks looking after each other in times of trouble and treating others (even enemies) with compassion, understanding, and mercy. What story would you like your art to tell?

Blake Debassige, The Story of the Six Little Hawks, n.d., Oil, Glenhyrst Permanent Collection

Earth Day Everyday

Young and old, near and far, we all live together on this beautiful planet called Earth.

The Earth is 4.543 billion years old (according to Google), and we couldn’t be more grateful for our beautiful home.  🌎🌍🌏

Let’s make Earth Day everyday and show the earth some love… through the creative elements of art! Create an earth collage from recycled magazines, explore the endless possibilities of paint or sculpt, build and mache the day away! Email your #earthdaycrafts to to be shared with our Glenhyrst community.