Call for Artists – City Hall Public Art Project

GLENHYRST ART GALLERY is seeking Artists and Artist-Led Teams to submit proposals to create a permanent piece of public art to be located in downtown Brantford, in the new City Hall Building.

Artists will be selected by a partner-led jury through a process involving a written statement of approach, qualifications, and submission of a detailed proposal by selected artists.

Award: $45,000 (including HST, if applicable) 

First Submission Deadline: Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 5:00 PM (EST) 

Click here for Call for Artist Details and Submission Requirements.

This project is kindly supported by the Stedman Foundation and The City of Brantford’s Public Art Fund.

For information regarding the call, please contact:

Ana Olson, Gallery Director
Glenhyrst Art Gallery
20 Ava Rd.
Brantford, ON

Tel: 519 756 5932



List of Questions Asked by Artists:

Question:  Will there be an opportunity to inspect the artwork site?

Answer:  Unfortunately, as the site is under construction, there will not be an opportunity to visit or see the site.


Question: Are the moulds to be used and incorporated INTO the artwork or used as inspiration for the artwork?

Answer:  The moulds are to be incorporated into the artwork.


Question: I was wondering if it is possible to find out which artifacts are made of metal and which are wood?

Answer:  The signage pieces are sheet metal (a similar light gauge steel that you have on a typical street sign). All of the moulds are constructed of wood.  Ladles are made of cast iron.


Question: I wanted to ask if there would be an issue if these objects were manipulated to create a sculptural work rather then simply inserted into a work.

Answer: Although, we want to honour the artists freedom to express their creativity, we also want to ensure some integrity to the theme of the project and it’s intentions to honour the City’s industrial heritage.  So, yes, the pieces can be manipulated but keeping the theme in mind.