Camp Safety Policy

Glenhyrst Camp is a time for great memories, new friends and FUN! To help ensure a positive camp experience for everyone, we would appreciate it if you would read over the following Code of Conduct with your child(ren), prior to camp.

Code of Conduct

Glenhyrst Art Gallery Camp is committed to creating a safe, inclusive and fun learning environment where our camp community, including all campers, families/caregivers, staff and volunteers are given equal opportunity to engage in a positive and welcoming experience in all facets of arts and culture. We aim to create a respectful camp community that is mindful of the rights, needs, and interested of all its members, creating an atmosphere that is inclusive, and physically and emotionally safe. With this commitment, the following Code of Conduct is expected of all members of our camp community at all times during all Glenhyrst Camp programming.

All Glenhyrst Camp community members shall:
– Display respect for the rights, property and safety of themselves, others and Glenhyrst, with a reasonable standard of care and mindfulness.
– Participate in creating a positive display of inclusion and respect of all persons in speech, action and behaviour, absent of violence, harassment, racism, intimidation, and discrimination of any kind regardless of and not limited to gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, culture, age, ability etc.
-Play an active role in reporting all instances of non-compliance of Code of Conduct to Glenhyrst Camp staff.

So that everyone participating in our camp community complies with the Code of Conduct, expectations for all members will be clearly communicated and displayed at the beginning of each camp session, and from time to time thereafter. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in removal from Glenhyrst Camps.


– Rude, talking back
– Not following the rules of the game
– Disobeying
– Not listening to Leader’s instructions
– Name calling

Action: Will receive 1-2 warnings, depending upon the severity of their actions and will have a letter sent home if the behavior interferes with the safety or enjoyment of other campers.

– Bullying
– Any violent act which harms another camper or staff
– Inappropriate slurs or racial remarks
– Degrading or non-welcoming behavior
– Harassing others
– Any mild-moderate recurring events
– Stealing, kicking, biting, punching or swearing
– Vandalism of equipment inside or outside the buildings

Action: Parents will be called immediately and child will be sent home and not return to the program until further notice.