Creative Boost Workshop with Work In Culture


CreativeBoost is a WorkInCulture program available as an in-person workshop or online webinar that teaches individuals working in arts, culture, libraries, and heritage, skills related to business planning and entrepreneurship.

This CreativeBoost program is a one-day workshop for artists/creativeswho are thinking about starting a creative business. Attendees explore the feasibility of their existing creative business idea through basic business and creative techniques that will help shape the business plan.

Sat, 30 March 2019
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EDT


Through interactive, reflective, and writing activities that correlate with a workbook, participants get to step into the business mind frame and leave with the key components of their business more clearly defined.

This workshop is intended for individuals who:

  • Have little knowledge of basic business skills
  • Want to explore the feasibility of an existing creative business idea
  • Enjoy participating in both reflective/independent and interactive/social activities

This workshop involves:

  • Sitting for most of the day
  • Periodic breaks throughout the day with 45 min- 1 hour at lunch
  • Speaking with other participants and to the group, having discussions, and asking quesitons
  • Socializing and making connections
  • Group and individual activities
  • Guided visualization session
  • Writing in workbook

Takeaways for participants

  • Step into the business mind frame
  • Build a bridge from creative professional to creative business
  • Clarify your business idea, direction & create the base of your business plan


Snjezana Pruginic is a creative business professional and facilitator with over 10 years of experience in the creative sector as a dancer, producer, writer, community art facilitator and art manager. She is also the co-founder and facilitator of “Business of Arts”, an art entrepreneurship workshop for visual artists.

Agenda for the day

Introductions and Logistics

Getting into the business mind frame

  • Defining your skills, strengths and passions
  • Finding the sweet spot (your business)

Mapping your idea / business (and building the frame of the business plan)

  • Your business vision
  • Your business goals
  • Business Analysis

The Heart of Your Business

  • The problem
  • The value
  • The purpose

Who are your clients?

  • Creating your client avatar

Putting it all together

Next Steps and Action points

Side Note:

  • Workshop includes a workbook handout to prepare you for your next steps.
  • Morning refreshments provided by Glenhyrst Art Gallery
  • Lunch provided by The Brantford-Brant Business Resource Centre (BRC)
  • Dietary restrictions accepted by March 23

If you have any questions please contact Mona at 416-340-0086 or