Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for the Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant – 2016 On-going initiatives: Continue to develop active partnerships with the Educational System. Continue to attract and retain great people within the organization. I.e. staff, volunteers, board members. Continue to attract […]

Annual General Meeting

  2015 Annual General Meeting (Delivered February 11, 2016) Minutes:  Minutes of AGM 2015   2014 Annual General Meeting (Delivered February 12, 2015) Minutes: CLICK HERE   2013 Annual General Meeting (Delivered February 13, 2014) Minutes:  CLICK HERE Annual Report: CLICK HERE […]


3.0     BY-LAWS   GLENHYRST ART GALLERY OF BRANT, INC. BY-LAW Be in enacted as a By-law of Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant Incorporated the following: 1.         Head Office – The Head Office of the Corporation shall be in the City […]

Vision, Mission, Principles & Goals

VISION Creativity is an essential part of a healthy, vibrant society. By nurturing creativity through the arts, Glenhyrst contributes to both community and individual development.  We show leadership in demonstrating the value of the arts in the community by promoting […]