Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for the Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant – 2016

On-going initiatives:

  1. Continue to develop active partnerships with the Educational System.
  2. Continue to attract and retain great people within the organization. I.e. staff, volunteers, board members.
  3. Continue to attract and retain great corporate partners.
  4. Continue to minimize the dependence of grants for our operations and utilize grants more so for projects.

Short Term Initiatives:

  1. Develop a comprehensive Public Relations/Communications and Marketing Plan for the gallery.
  2. Utilize the Permanent Collection to further drive credibility, leadership and education in the arts.

Medium Term Initiatives:

  1. Position Glenhyrst as a leader, authority and cultural ambassador in the community.
  2. Support and promote other arts, culture and heritage organizations in our community.
  3. Try to reach a new target audience – 18 to 30 years, through programming, events and exhibits.


  1. Review the Strategic Plan annually and measure success.