Group Tours

Visual art is diverse, dynamic and exciting. The opportunity to see original artwork is an experience that everyone should have. For those who enjoy the outdoors, we also offer seasonal, spectacular garden tours which also feature outdoor sculpture. For dates and times, inquire at the Gallery.



Yearly: Tuesdays to Sunday: 45 minutes — $3/Child, $4/Adult (min.20)
Learn about technique, texture, size and true colour – just a few elements one can experience during a tour of the Art Gallery. Tours at Glenhyrst are a service that we are proud to be able to offer. Our tour guides will take your group through the exhibition while encouraging conversation and discussion about the work. They will also provide insight on the artist, techniques and interpretation. Please call ahead so that we can make the most of your visit. (TEACHERS: please refer to the School Tours and Workshops section of this site)

 All tours must be booked in advance. A deposit of $25 is due upon reservation for an Exhibition or Garden Group Tour. This deposit will not be returned if the visit is cancelled less than 5 working days before the confirmed booking date. (Note: This information does not apply to Day Tour Packages)