Education Workshops


Glenhyrst is the ideal location for an educational experience in art! Below you will find a list of a variety of workshop options that are designed to meet curriculum needs, provide an enriching experience for students, and to create something memorable!

Spring 2020 Themed Workshops   |   Core Art Workshops








Paint Like…..: Adapted for all Grades

Pick an artist and painting style and we will create a stunning work of art on canvas board. We can explore works of the Surrealists, Abstract artists, Impressionists and Realism artists. Students will have a chance to experiment with composition, lines, subject matter, and colour as they borrow from the masters.


Watercolour: Adapted for all Grades

Watercolour is such a fun medium that is sure to be a joy for all types of artists. Learn fundamental watercolour techniques, then we can explore and experiment. We will look at different painting methods, and introduce additional materials like wax and salt.



Portrait Drawing

Students will learn how to draw a face in proportion using templates, tips and tricks that they can use and adapt to create the perfect portrait. We will talk about light and shade, facial planes and proportion.



Please note that our clay is not fired in a Kiln. The clay will air dry over two days and becomes hard, but is not as strong as fired clay. The unfired clay is not food or drink safe.


Everything I know About Clay: Adapted for all Grades

This workshop is jammed packed full of art techniques and experimentation. An amazing workshop for classes with adventurous artists and creators. In this workshop I will teach you “everything I know about Clay” to provide you with the skills, tools and know-how to be artistically adventurous. We believe that one must know the rules before they can break them.

Come and learn about different pot creation, painting clay, sculpture techniques and using mixed media items. The possibilities are endless.


Mixed Media Painting: Intermediate Grades

This workshop will look at acrylic and watercolour painting, while introducing collage, encaustic inspired techniques, and assemblage. Learn about a variety of different art techniques that will be brought to life to create a masterpiece on canvas. This workshop is best suited for a gallery visit.